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The advent of rideshares like Uber and Lyft have given people a choice for those who don’t like to drive in heavy traffic or want to leave their vehicles at home. It’s easy to order a ride using a mobile app. There are currently more than 12,000 Uber/Lyft drivers worldwide. Unlike taxi and other commercial vehicles, there are no regular safety inspections for Uber vehicles.

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So what happens when a distracted Lyft or Uber driver involves you in an accident where you are injured? What are your options if you are hurt or injured while a passenger in a ridesharing vehicle? Or driving your car and getting hit by a Lyft or Uber-driven vehicle? What if you are hit while walking or bicycling around town by one of these drivers? Call Today: (800) 977-0150

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Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare accidents can bring about complex issues related to liability and who will pay for a victim’s injuries, making it more challenging to recover a fair settlement after a collision. At the Swanson Law Group, we are experienced in handling rideshare accident claims.

We serve clients across Northern California in these matters, using our resources and knowledge to accurately identify fault, prove the fair value of a claim, and pursue all viable sources of compensation to maximize each client’s recovery.

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Liability & Compensation in a Lyft/Uber Accident Claim

Uber and Lyft have their own policies applying to insurance coverage when one of their drivers causes or is involved in a traffic accident. Uber, for example, has a $1 million liability insurance policy in place that may cover injuries sustained by the driver, a passenger, or a third party (such as a cyclist or pedestrian). Uber also carries a $1 million uninsured/underinsured motorist policy. These policies must apply to the situation at hand and claims must be approved by Uber’s insurance carrier.

Our Northern California rideshare accident lawyers can determine what insurance policy applies based on who caused the accident and is therefore liable, or legally responsible, for your injuries. Such as:

  1. The Uber or Lyft driver, for violating a traffic law
  2. The rideshare company, for negligent background checks/screening practices
  3. The manufacturer of a defective auto part
  4. The municipality or other entity responsible for maintaining safe roadways
  5. Another driver, for acting negligently or violating a traffic law

Our Experienced Lawyers Can Help

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your Lyft or Uber accident, you can count on our team at the Swanson Law Group to take the right approach. As always, your full recovery – of health and compensation – is our primary concern.

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