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We Fight for Spinal Cord Injury Survivors

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Few injuries take as much away from victims as spinal cord injuries (SCI). Once the spinal cord is damaged, there’s little ability to recover, and the loss of mobility – and the independence that comes with it – can be truly devastating. If your life has been changed forever by a spinal cord injury, you deserve full compensation to help you navigate your new normal. We can help.

The Swanson Law Firm is committed to fighting for spinal cord injury survivors. We stand up to the insurance companies and fiercely advocate for the full compensation you need – and we have a winning track record of results that you can count on.

Understanding spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are classified based on the level of the injury on the spine and whether the spine is completely or only partially severed. A complete spinal cord injury causes full paralysis below the damaged area, while an incomplete spinal cord injury is partial damage that reduces but does not eliminate the ability to move and feel below the affected area.

The four general levels of spinal cord injuries are:

  • Cervical: located in the head and neck region, above the shoulders. Cervical spinal cord injuries can affect the entire body from the neck down.
  • Thoracic: located in the upper torso. Thoracic spinal cord injuries can affect the upper chest, mid-back, and abdominal muscles, as well as the lower body, but do not usually affect arm and hand function.
  • Lumbar: located in the lower torso. Lumbar injuries affect the hips and legs, and survivors may need a wheelchair or be able to walk with braces, depending on the severity of the injury.
  • Sacral: located near the base of the spine in the pelvic region. Sacral injuries affect the hips, back of the thighs, pelvic organs, and buttocks, but survivors are generally still able to walk.

Spinal cord injuries can cause numerous symptoms, but the most severe is paralysis, which causes immobility and loss of sensation. Again, depending on the type and level of injury, this may be:

  • Quadriplegia or tetraplegia: both arms and both legs are paralyzed.
  • Paraplegia or diplegia of the legs: both legs are paralyzed.

Complete spinal cord injuries cause total and permanent loss of functionality in the affected parts of the body, whereas a partial or incomplete injury may cause a more complex mix of symptoms – for instance, a survivor may be able to feel some sensations but not move.

What all spinal cord injuries have in common is the breadth of impact on the survivor’s quality of life. It’s not just medical treatment, although that alone can be quite costly. Losing mobility means losing independence, not to mention your ability to work and do the things you love. Your relationships and your family need to adjust around the injury. It’s a tough, tiring road ahead, but we’re right there with you.

We don’t let insurance companies take advantage of SCI survivors

The potential financial impact of a spinal cord injury is massive. To an insurance company, that’s a problem, because it’s a threat to their bottom line. They will pull out every dirty trick in their book: scare tactics, pressure games, gaslighting you into thinking the injury is your fault. Their one goal is to get you to go away for as little of their money as possible. For them, it’s just another day at the office.

We consider that absolutely unacceptable. That’s why we fight back. When you meet with us in a free consultation, we will listen to your story, how the injury happened, and how it has affected your life. If you choose to hire us, we’ll stand between you and the insurance company from that point forward, fielding their questions and protecting your rights while you focus on healing. We will launch a full investigation to get to the bottom of the accident and prove that someone else’s negligence changed your life.

We then build a case for the full amount of damages (financial compensation) you need for your spinal cord injury. That should cover your medical expenses, including the initial treatment you received for the injury, ongoing treatment and care you may need, and medical devices, such as a wheelchair. It should also include your lost past and future income, as well as vocational training if you need to change careers to something you can do with your limited mobility. Then, there are the intangible losses that are harder to compute, but no less important: pain and suffering, loss of quality and enjoyment of life, loss of consortium (which includes intimacy with your spouse), and so on. We understand the value of health and the devastating effects on a life when it’s taken away.

Our policy is to prepare every case we handle for trial. When the insurance company sees that we’re ready to go before a judge and jury and explain how the spinal cord injury has devastated your life, they usually pay full value. If they won’t pay, we’re prepared to take them to trial. Throughout this process, we will make sure you know what to expect, answering your questions and preparing you for the next step in the process.

You can afford an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer

The last thing you need in this situation is a bill from an attorney. That’s why we work on a contingency fee basis. You don’t pay us a cent out of pocket, and we advance the time and cost needed to move your case forward. If we win, our fee is a percentage of your recovery; if we do not get a positive result for you, there is no fee. We work this way because we believe your access to justice and a brighter future shouldn’t depend on your ability to pay.

We need to act quickly, though, before evidence disappears, witnesses forget what happened, and legal deadlines expire. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin our investigation and start pushing back on the insurance company’s tactics. Don’t go it alone after a life-altering injury. Talk to an experienced spinal cord injury attorney at our firm today.

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